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The Class is a series of seminars which incorporates college admissions, talks from industry leaders, and personal development workshops. This is designed to help younger individuals identify potential career interests and make informed decisions when applying to colleges. This class will usually meet on Saturday mornings. Our model provides targeted development in the following areas:

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This three-part series (Learn, Develop & Enrich) provides insight into the admissions process for universities in the United States. Whether you have just started your search or are already in the process of applying, we are sure that you can gain insight into the process from this program. Individuals have the option to sign up for one, two, or all three seminars depending on their current needs.



Fall 2022

The Learn Seminar for the College Admissions Series encompasses four sixty-minute workshops with the idea of describing every component of the college application process. These include comparing the common application versus other alternative college applications and other components, such as standardized testing (and determining whether the SAT or ACT is the best one to take). Students will be able to identify their reach, target, and safety schools with confidence, and they will be able to determine what criteria they need to be competitive applicants for admission.

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This three-part series (Finance, Law & Medicine) provides insight into different professions. If you are in the process of applying, these are essential, as they will help you choose the best target (banks, law schools, and medical schools pick which schools are targets) school to attend. If you have already graduated but are potentially interested in exploring, by all means, stop by! We're sure that you'll gain insight into these professions. Individuals have the option to sign up for one, two, or all three seminars depending on their current needs.

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Winter/Spring 2023

The Finance Seminar for the Industry Leaders Series encompasses four sixty-minute sessions with various professionals that have worked or are currently working in the financial services industry. Guest speakers may include people who have worked in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, or Real Estate.

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This three-part series (Personal Finance, Soft Skills & Get the Offer) provides an education of skills most people do not learn in the classroom. This program ensures that our clients get total exposure to these skills and incorporate them into their daily lives. Individuals have the option to sign up for one, two, or all three seminars depending on their current needs.

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Spring/Early Summer 2023

The Personal Finance Seminar for the Individual Development Series encompasses four sixty-minute workshops. Clients will learn various topics such as budgeting, the mechanics of loans, how credit scoring works, multiple types of investing, tax savings strategies, and retirement savings plans. 


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